Cheeky Palettes

Your palette inspiration
in context.

Have you ever found a colour palette that you like but not really sure how it will look on an actual website? Now you do.

What can you do with Cheeky Palettes?

Here to help you pick the right colours for your next project

Custom colours

Take colours from anywhere and plug them in here to see if they look good.

Palette Inspiration

Handpicked colour palettes for inspiration for your next project.

Toggle light/dark mode

Every section has a toggle - change to see the difference between light/dark mode.

Tailwind shades

Cheeky Palettes automatically generates Tailwind shades from your custom colours.

Overwrite the shades to your liking

Don't like the generated shades of your colours? No problem - you can overwrite them.

Hover over any colour

Hover over any colour to see which shades of that colour are being used.

Cheeky Palettes was a game changer to how we do business here at Tesla. Probably the sole reason why our stock is doing so well. Would recommend to a friend.

Elon Musk

CEO of Tesla/SpaceX/Dogecoin

Where can I find more curated colour palettes?

Don't have a specific colour palette at the moment?

Head over to these free resources and if you like any of them, copy them and paste them in here to see how they look like.

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To get you started

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Most popular


If you are in need for more things

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Hey! I'm Kris 👋

A frontend developer with a passion for design.

I recently started redesigning one of my side projects (Frontloops) and I was looking for a new colours in order to rebrand.

I found a lot of cool palettes, but there wasn't really a quick way to see if they will look good on a website.

So this is where Cheeky Palettes comes in. I can plug in the Primary and Secondary colours and it will quickly generate a range of colour shades (in Tailwind format, from brightest to darkest) and I'm able to see how they would look like on a landing page.

Feel free follow me on Twitter so you can receive a tweet when I launch new updates for Cheeky Palettes and any other side projects.

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